Why your competitors are going agile

The dual challenges of increasing profit and reducing risk are at the heart of the leader of any estimating business unit.  Doing both of these, whilst responding quickly and effectively to the need for changes to tender documentation, is a daily problem.

Estimating companies are gradually realising the need to demand agility from their estimating software. They want systems that will allow them to:

  • Managing client changes effectively
    This includes document version controls before tender submission and client requests for changes after submission. It also includes the ability to create duplicate tenders used to model client requests.
  • Value engineer without the risks inherent with last-minute change
    This includes being able to create multiple tenders to demonstrate project alternatives, to quickly replace items within an estimate without losing data etc., and being able to make transparent adjustments at various levels in the estimate.
  • See the immediate effect on job margins as they alter items and make adjustments

This includes being able to make changes and observe the effects in detail on your tender information with confidence that the changes in the numbers are accurate and correct.

Your competitors are actively seeking software with these functions and are examining the ways in which they can change and improve their internal processes to make the most of these new facilities.

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