What do estimators say about the advantages of 2D takeoff over traditional methods?

2D takeoff software allows estimators to takeoff directly from a pdf without having to print the document. All measurements and counts are carried out on-screen within the 2D takeoff software then imported directly into estimating software.

What do estimators say the advantages of 2D takeoff are over traditional methods?

“Quick to enter data direct to an estimate”
The interaction between 2D takeoff and Estimating software means that I as an estimator have more control over how I measure and what I measure.  I can measure and import the figures directly to my estimate and creating a copy of a drawing to use for a specific service is as simple as copying a PDF and renaming it to a service. There’s no need for scale rules and lots of coloured pencils anymore! Plus the information is stored with my estimate.

“Always with me”
One of the other things about using 2D takeoff is that as long as I have my computer then I can use it anywhere without having to drag around loads of drawings. Same thing can happen on site where sometimes getting out drawing can be impractical, especially on some sites where space is a premium.

In my mind, the system pays for itself just from using it only a few times due to the convenience, now don’t have to think “where’s that drawing I was working on” or “which service was I estimating?” – I just open my laptop and start!

It has saved me a lot of time and money as I don’t need to print any drawings out now.

Comments made to Amtech by an estimator with more than 10 years’ experience.

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