Who would you place at the top of the list? Many people would ask if there is such a thing. With the media only ever highlighting the rare few who do not do their jobs properly. Helly Henson Workwear has commissioned a study using 2000 brits to find out who are the most trustworthy tradesmen.

The top three included an electrician, window cleaner and a plumber. Those at the bottom of the list included a tiler, glazier and scaffolder. Why are electricians deemed most trustworthy? And why are the others at the bottom of the list? According to the research, a lot of it is to do with the way tradesmen dress, this makes an impact on how they are perceived. It proves to the customer that they are capable and confident to complete the job. Over two thirds of those who took part said that the way a tradesmen presented themselves made a difference when it came to assuring them that they work within the bounds of health and safety.  As well as the topping the most trustworthy; electricians were also voted to have “the best manners, and be the most punctual and presentable looking of all tradesmen” [i]

It’s not a completely superficial judgement; cost, not surprisingly, is still the main priority for customers when hiring a tradesmen; it was the main reason for over half of those polled. Getting a good recommendation is also another reason to be hired. Even with these requirements filled, over three quarters of those who participated in the study still worry when using a new tradesman, this may be because four in ten have stated they have had bad experiences in the past. 

Although not concluded from this research study, maybe the reason for the most confidence in electricians is the sheer fact that it could be considered one of the most dangerous and one DIY job people may not want to try themselves. The repercussions for the electrician doing a bad job can be instant, an electrician is going to need to know how to prevent electric shocks. Their own knowledge is keeping them from harmful accidents. 

Over a third of those who took part were more cautious of hiring tradesmen because of things they had seen on TV. Cowboy builders on channel 5 is on its ninth series since 2008 and although the premise is to make consumers aware, it can also be seen as scare mongering. 30% have faced bad manners or impoliteness when using tradesmen previously. Overall, tradesmen have a stable reputation, it seems that certain obvious traits stand out when it comes to appointing a tradesmen such as professional appearance, good manners and confidence in their abilities which enables customers to place trust in them.

[i] Helly Hansen Workwear finds Britain’s most trustworthy tradesmen
Are electricians the most trustworthy tradesman?


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