A Garden Bridge too far: 10 construction projects that broke the bank

Mired in controversy since its inception, London’s Garden Bridge could waste around £40m of public money if it has to be scrapped. Far from being the first project that’s cost the earth, Garden Bridge is just the latest in a long line of construction projects that have broken the bank. Here we take a look at ten of history’s costliest buildings, many of which make Garden Bridge look like a bit of a bargain.

BIM: A Definition

BIM operates at different levels. Each level describes a different set of criteria which, when met, demonstrate a particular level of ‘BIM maturity’. These levels begin with 0 and go up to 4D and beyond. They are used to gauge how effectively information is being shared and managed throughout the supply chain.

BIM: Information Overload! (Part 1)

When Bertram Gross, Professor of Political Science at Hunter College, coined the phrase ‘information overload’ in 1964, it’s pretty unlikely he was giving any thought to BIM.

However, his definition of the phenomena does still have some relevance for today’s construction industry.

Digital setting out: A workable solution for the UK?

What is Digital Setting out? Digital setting out technology means transferring BIM models electronically to the Job Site by using a Robotic Total Station and Tablet set up. This device is then used to locate your drawings specific location points such as hanger points, building works holes, equipment locations, lighting fixtures and pretty much anything that you can identify in the model.  

Is your business suffering from a skills shortage? Is your potential profitability being undermined?

In these challenging times, with tight margins, getting your estimate right is absolutely essential to your business.  Time pressures and a lack of skilled people can exacerbate the problem.

Finding a good estimator or sparing an engineer from a project in progress, can be very difficult and with tender periods very short, ensuring the necessary time and knowledge is applied to each estimate is a challenge. At best you can lose the bid, at worst loss a significant sum of money due to an incorrect bid.

Brexit and BIM (part II)

What of BIM after the UK Brexit vote?

Prior to the UK's recent and controversial referendum, Stephan Jones, Trimble MEP Design & Engineering Segment Manager, reflected on how the AEC industry - and particularly BIM - might fare whether those who cast their vote opted to stay or go. Now the dust has settled a little, he offers his thoughts on BIM post the narrow 'Leave' victory.

Brexit happened and 48% of the population that voted (some 16,141,241 souls) were sorely disappointed.

What do people mean by “BIM-to-Field”?

BIM-to-Field is the process of taking the accurate digital data in an information model and using it to inform accurate construction, operations or maintenance out on site.

'Taking accurate digital data + using it to inform accurate works on site'