5 ways to build return business

Return business is good for your bottom line and is therefore important to you. Use this list to give your operations a check-up and highlight any areas that need to be adjusted, or where you have room to grow and excel.

Creating a 3D CAD Model from a Laser Scanned Point Cloud (An Overview)

The Olympic swimming pool building.  We scanned it with the Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner with the intent of creating a 3D CAD model, with the main focus being on the walls, ceiling and structure.

What if history had BIM?

In part one of a five-blog series, we ask: “What if history had BIM?” In this inaugural feature, we look at Ancient Greece’s iconic temple on the Athenian Acropolis and examine how Building Information Modelling would have impacted upon the construction of the Parthenon.

Sustainability: Finally at Home in Construction

Builders used to complain a lot about sustainability! Construction budgets could not afford luxuries like saving the environment. I heard people say, sustainability sounded great but it only worked for the rich or eccentric few and not mainstream customers.