The Importance of the BIM4M2 Curve

A year after the UK's BIM level 2 mandate, how much has really changed in our industry. In a guest feature from last year, Matt Crunden, of Legrand Electric Ltd, addresses the importance of the BIM4M2 curve. How closely have we follwed that curve? Do you think we've kept an eye on the compass or have we wandered of the pathway towards full BIM integration?

Social Media Success

Happily, social media means that a vital web presence can be achieved for no financial outlay while still helping you capitalise further on your community presence and standing without a huge time investment. Using your visual branding and staying true to the ‘voice’ you developed early on, set up social media pages in the name of your business. Whereas, previously, we’ve advocated the personal touch, with social media it’s preferable to speak for the organisation rather than using your name or expressing personal opinions.

Digital Life, BIM Level 2 and the Third Industrial Revolution

With volume II of our successful BIM eBook, BIM Digest, to be released next quarter, we catch up with what one of our contributors had to say in Vol I (published just prior to the April 2016 UK BIM mandate). John Eynon (Open Water Consulting, UK BIM Regions CIC & Digital Node) takes a topical overview of the issues surrounding BIM with the mandate looming. Perhaps unsurprisingly, much of what he asserts remains highly pertinent today.

Small construction firm success

According to the Office of National Statistics, 78% of UK adults accessed the internet every day in 2015. Online searches are now the primary means by which most people find goods and services. With this in mind, an online presence is essential to any successful trader, whatever their size.

Five Top Tips for a happy and productive workforce

In our industry, it's never been more important to value diversity and inclusion among your workforce. A broader range of people mean a richer, deeper pool of talent at your disposal. Here, we offer our top five tips to making sure you run a happy ship where every employee is determined to sail towards success.   

BIM: The Law And You

When I started in my career as a contracts manager I produced electrical layouts for buildings using a pen and paper on a drawing board. The move from this process through CAD to BIM has resulted in, on one hand very little changes and on the other large differences which are now revolutionising the construction industry.

Teaming up with tech

The time has come for electrical contractors to gear up for BIM – and make the most of it. Chris Quirk of, Trimble MEP, explains how BIM can be combined with scanning and field positioning technologies in refurbishment and new build projects

BIM: For Pleasure & For Profit

Our industry has many acronyms, but one in particular has been impossible to escape in recent years. As an MEP Engineer or contractor, you’ve no doubt heard it too. BIM. I ask you to park everything you have heard for the next few minutes whilst I unpick the hyperbole and try to make some sense of the madness.

BIM & Design: From Architects to Subcontractors – Who does what?

We’re often told how BIM will revolutionise the design and build process and that collaboration is key. We’re also frequently reminded that BIM is less about technology than it is about people and processes. What isn’t always immediately clear is where each of us sits, and where our responsibilities lie, in the BIM process.

BIM & Design Quiz

BIM. We’ve all heard of it. In fact, it's rare that someone, somewhere, isn't talking about it but what does it mean to different people throughout the design/build process? Test your knowledge BIM knowledge in our quick quiz.