New Infographic:
6 Estimating business processes you really need

Producing inaccurate estimates can be disastrous for a contracting company, with a negative impact on efficiency, profitability and reputation.

In this infographic we look at 6 business processes that will help you safeguard your estimates and reduce the risk for you, your team and your business.





Due when?
Every bid manager knows the importance of making sure that enquiries are priced on-schedule and returned on-time.  Do you have solid systems in place to make sure you finish work and hit deadlines every time?  Do you use a dashboard to track all enquiries by tender return and review dates?

Missed rates cost money...
We’ve all heard stories about companies winning jobs due to mis-pricing.  Do you have a process to check missing labour norms and missing material prices?  Does your computer software enable you to create as many filters as you need to fully check the data before it leaves the office?

Where’s that drawing?
Chasing documents and drawings can be such a time waster?  Can you be sure you are always working with the latest revision? Good document and drawing storage procedures can save time, effort and money.

Pack up your troubles
If you’re not using kits, you’re really missing a trick. On a daily basis you’ll be adding many items to your estimates that could be grouped together as a kit and added with a single click.  Estimating with software that has good kit capability makes estimating quicker and more accurate.  Plan time in to create kits.

Laid out how?
Do you work in a way that is flexible enough to allow you to break your tenders down to various levels of job structure?  Can you accommodate customer change at the last minute without worrying you will lose information?  Look at how you are working and check that it is serving your needs.

Who knows the latest price of...
How do you obtain, keep and manage your pricing data?  Do you have robust processes that mean everyone is estimating using the latest price and product information?  Using a centralised product database with a data subscription gives you control, assurance and above all, accuracy.

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