5 ways to build return business

Return business is good for your bottom line and is therefore important to you. Use this list to give your operations a check-up and highlight any areas that need to be adjusted, or where you have room to grow and excel.

Creating a 3D CAD Model from a Laser Scanned Point Cloud (An Overview)

The Olympic swimming pool building.  We scanned it with the Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner with the intent of creating a 3D CAD model, with the main focus being on the walls, ceiling and structure.

What if history had BIM?

In part one of a five-blog series, we ask: “What if history had BIM?” In this inaugural feature, we look at Ancient Greece’s iconic temple on the Athenian Acropolis and examine how Building Information Modelling would have impacted upon the construction of the Parthenon.

Sustainability: Finally at Home in Construction

Builders used to complain a lot about sustainability! Construction budgets could not afford luxuries like saving the environment. I heard people say, sustainability sounded great but it only worked for the rich or eccentric few and not mainstream customers.

Highly charged: It’s 3D electrical design!

For decades, ProDesign has been the UK’s most trusted electrical design software and, recently, it’s undergone some exciting and significant changes. The team’s commitment to ongoing development work has now made it possible for ProDesign users to produce electrical designs directly in a 3D Revit MEP application.

The Importance of the BIM4M2 Curve

A year after the UK's BIM level 2 mandate, how much has really changed in our industry. In a guest feature from last year, Matt Crunden, of Legrand Electric Ltd, addresses the importance of the BIM4M2 curve. How closely have we follwed that curve? Do you think we've kept an eye on the compass or have we wandered of the pathway towards full BIM integration?

Are you ready to take on a Challenge for a Cause in 2018?

Are you an adventurous type who is looking for the next exciting challenge which will help to reshape the future of those in need? The Electrical Industries Charity is looking for brave individuals to join their second Challenge for a Cause campaign to raise funds for the Dickinson family.

10 innovations that have revolutionised construction

We’ve come a long way as a species since the days when we inhabited the caves built for us by nature. Now we’re the builders, and in the last 40 years alone, we’ve come up with technological innovations that have revolutionised construction in the most spectacular ways.

Quality of Workmanship: Does it still matter?

For Danny Santoro, of PFA plumbing, taking pride in high quality workmanship is vitally key both to business success and personal career satisfaction. In this guest blog he explains how quality materials, as well as craftsmanship, are essential if you're going to deliver the highest quality service to clients.

Social Media Success

Happily, social media means that a vital web presence can be achieved for no financial outlay while still helping you capitalise further on your community presence and standing without a huge time investment. Using your visual branding and staying true to the ‘voice’ you developed early on, set up social media pages in the name of your business. Whereas, previously, we’ve advocated the personal touch, with social media it’s preferable to speak for the organisation rather than using your name or expressing personal opinions.

Digital Life, BIM Level 2 and the Third Industrial Revolution

With volume II of our successful BIM eBook, BIM Digest, to be released next quarter, we catch up with what one of our contributors had to say in Vol I (published just prior to the April 2016 UK BIM mandate). John Eynon (Open Water Consulting, UK BIM Regions CIC & Digital Node) takes a topical overview of the issues surrounding BIM with the mandate looming. Perhaps unsurprisingly, much of what he asserts remains highly pertinent today.

Rapid ROI after BIM implementation

BIM. Everyone’s heard of it and (according to a McGraw Hill 2012 SmartMarket report*), the majority of North American MEP contractors have leveraged it. However, while some firms might be fully-fledged converts, others remain unconvinced as to whether BIM adoption will ever deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI).

Boosting Business with buy-In BIM

It’s coming - ready or not. The world over, AEC stakeholders are hearing more and more about BIM. However, it’s an incontrovertible fact that – particularly among SMEs and subcontractors – there’s still some cynicism as to how implementing BIM is going to make sense in terms of both financial and time outlay.

Seven ways to cut costs on construction projects

Wastage and excess expenditure are the onsite nightmare of everyone involved in the construction process. Here are seven key ways you can keep overspend in check and complete projects on time and within budget.

Small construction firm success

According to the Office of National Statistics, 78% of UK adults accessed the internet every day in 2015. Online searches are now the primary means by which most people find goods and services. With this in mind, an online presence is essential to any successful trader, whatever their size.