Create 3D MEP models in Revit that are truly constructible

From concept to installation, Stabicad provides integrated calculations, up-to-date manufacturer content and comprehensive productivity tools that support you in producing the highest levels of detail in your 3D designs quickly in Revit.

  • Design 3D mechanical models in Revit
  • Run integrated calculations to UK regulations for HVAC sizing
  • Intuitive connection solutions (Nodesolver)
  • Sprinkler Design Tool to European standards
  • Advanced prefabrication capabilities
  • Extensive localised library of MEP content
  • Produce schematic diagrams to interact with the 3D Revit model
  • Connected Collaboration with Trimble Connect

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Take your design workflow to the next level

Stabicad fits in with the design practice of every engineer. Design and install your next model to be truly constructible with:


Constructible Designs

Stabicad contains a full suite of unique tools specifically created to aid UK designers with intuitive connection solutions, Nodesolver to efficiently produce truly constructible, detailed 3D mechanical designs to prefabricate off-site and install on-site.


High Quality MEP content

Stabicad offers fully integrated, up-to-date UK and international manufacturer specific content, generic and editable content, and full access to MEP BIM libraries. Stabicad can produce Revit models as accurate to the intended model as possible.


Connected Collaboration

With access to Trimble Connect included with Stabicad, mechanical designers can share, manage and access all project data with all other Trimble Connect users such as key stakeholders, helping to quickly identify and rectify clashes, communicate changes and invite feedback at anytime, anywhere.

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Content in Stabicad

MEP content

Go beyond BIM with fully integrated, up-to-date content and create models that are truly constructible, at high levels of detail
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Calculations in Stabicad


See all the integrated calculations feature in Stabicad which enables you to calculate basic system scenarios based on UK standards
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Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect

Clearly communicate your 3D mechanical models created in Stabicad with all the stakeholders in the project on-site and off-site.
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Produce accurate 3D designs in Revit® with Stabicad

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