Service Manager will help you handle all types of contracts, tracking servicing frequencies of each item of plant so you can devise the most cost-effective schedules to manage the warranty obligations.

Accurate pricing and fit times
Whilst most service management applications struggle with the true cost of jobs, Service Manager exclusively works with Luckins data to ensure you always have accurate prices and fit times for quoting and managing job costs.

Simple management of contracts
Service Manager will help you handle all types of contracts, tracking the servicing frequencies of each item of plant so you can devise the most cost effective schedules to manage the warranty/contractual obligations.

ALK map integration
Makes planning engineers’ tasks in relation to their locations considerably easier, saving both time and money. All diary appointments and jobs for scheduling can be viewed on the map, along with the current locations of engineers, providing ’at a glance’ control and improved utilisation of resources.


Track Jobs

Track the status of your jobs
Service Manager will ensure the status of each job is tracked and will warn you when tasks need to be completed, ensuring you are meeting the SLAs for your client. Catering for all job types, including Planned Preventitive Maintenance (PPM) and Reactive Maintenance and can provide status on all.


Invoice Jobs

Invoice jobs immediately
Service Manager links directly with our Costing package, which ensures you invoice your jobs immediately. This allows you to uniquely track the costs and performance of each contract automatically, down to an individual site and even job level. This ensures ongoing profitability of each contract can be assessed at a glance.


Customer Website

Interactive customer website
Your customers can log in and view the status of Service Manager jobs and log new jobs online. Any new jobs logged on the website will appear directly in the Service Manager jobs list and send an alert to the users to say that a new job has been logged which requires attention.

Go Mobile!

Allow field resources to receive and update jobs, return completed worksheets and even denote parts usage without returning to or calling the office.

• Dramatically reduce paperwork
• Speed up communication
• Operate more efficiently, improve cash flow and enhance profits
• Improve accuracy of data collection
• Engineer GPS tracking
• Create time-sheets automatically
• Map integration
• Mobile management console

App free to download, direct from the Google Play Store.

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Feature List:

  • Comprehensive cost tracking
  • Flexible scheduling and shared planner
  • Create job sheets
  • Accurate and fast invoicing
  • Online customer portal
  • Quoting module using Luckins pricing
  • Integrated procurement requisition
  • Manage your different trade engineers
  • Produce contracts with SLAs
  • Batch printing worksheets
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement control
  • Intuitive planner window
  • ALK map integration
  • Mobile applications
  • Capture signatures and images on site
  • Customer Satisfaction feedback
  • Mobile management console
  • Integration with FastTest and Job Costing
  • Budget costs
  • Import contracts
  • Import sites into contracts
  • Engineer timesheet collation


Note - Service Manager requires a copy of Job Costing or Contract Costing.

Manage and control every aspect of services work

For more information about Service Manager, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.