Protection can be a grey area for many contractors and engineers. This easy to use electrical design software allows you to see if the protective devices will work when they should!

Protect  is so easy to use, you don’t need to be a protection expert to use it. The software contains a database with data on thousands of protective devices. This is data direct from leading manufacturers so you can be confident in its accuracy. This is particularly important as so many adjustable breakers are being used these days – it is essential to get these set correctly at the outset. Nobody wants to revisit jobs to sort out nuisance tripping that could so easily have been avoided at the design stage.

  • Helps you prevent nuisance tripping on your new projects
  • Helps you assess whether devices will correctly trip under over current conditions
  • Extend the services you can offer to your client
  • You don’t need to be a co-ordination expert to use Protect



Which Version?

Protect is available in two versions, choose the one that suits your needs.


Pricing Options

Choose from a range of options designed to suit the individual needs of your business


Protect LV

For small to medium-sized projects using low voltage systems

£695 + VAT


Protect HV

Low, Medium and High voltage protection studies

Price on application


Co-ordination studies and protective device selection made easy.

For more information about Protect, you can request a demo or view features.