A powerful aid to engineering design, PowerNet HV deals with fault currents in both High and Low Voltage distribution systems

A powerful graphical short circuit analysis program for the calculation of short circuit currents to IEC 60909 and BS 7639. PowerNet deals with fault currents in both High and Low Voltage distribution systems. A quick and easy to use electrical design software, it enables studies to be carried out cost effectively on new and existing systems.

  • Network elements can be added to the drawing as required. Clicking on any of these elements will open a dialog where data can be entered or modified
  • Once the data has been entered, a choice of calculations is available depending on the level of detail required
  • Switches and circuit breakers can be operated to model different network conditions
    The drawing interface makes PowerNet HV the friendliest in its class. The various network elements are selected by clicking on the toolbar and placing the item on screen
  • A large choice of information can be selected by the user for displaying on screen for each network element
  • Choice of reports
  • The full calculation report provides comprehensive data for every element in the system whilst the analysis reports give a tabular overview of fault levels, voltage and current distribution at any point in the system. Calculated Fault Levels can be displayed directly on the drawing. The main distribution system diagram can then be printed out on to any standard paper size from A4 to A0 or a user defined size, alternatively can be exported to a CAD package for further enhancement




Powerful graphical short circuit analysis program

For more information about PowerNet, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.