Payroll Costing

Process your weekly and monthly payrolls using this specialist contractor payroll management system, in the way that suits your business. Full integration with Sage Payroll.

Trimble Payroll software provides a powerful data entry and analysis tool for all labour costs, full integration with the latest Sage Payroll and Trimble Contract and Job Costing modules.

  • Ability to process your weekly and monthly payrolls in the way that best suits your business
  • Flexible time sheet entry for allocating both hours and costs to specific jobs
  • Automatically builds up time sheet data for transfer to Sage Payroll
  • Automatically checks worked hours against budget hours, highlighting areas of potential overpay
  • Optional batch entry of time sheet data reduces the need for continual selection of job and cost head
  • Automatically selects payment type and rates for each engineer from Sage Payroll
  • Single data entry updates both Payroll and your Job/Contract Costing software
  • Apportions user-selected payroll costs to give true and full analysis of all labour costs


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Payroll Costing

Which Version?

Payroll Costing is available in different versions to suit all sizes of business. See which version best suits your needs.


Pricing Options

Choose from a range of options designed to suit the individual needs of your business


Extreme Payroll Costing

Perfect for medium sized contracters who need an easy to use package that will handle all your payroll needs.

£795 + VAT


Enterprise Payroll Costing

Designed for larger contracting companies and corporate users who wish to integrate a complete job management system.

Price on application


Process your weekly and monthly payrolls on the way that suits your business.

For more information about Payroll Costing, you can request a demo or view features.