Cost Modeller

An advanced software tool that allows you to make quick and simple 'what if' comparisons for material and supplier substitutions.

  • Quick and simple evaluation of the effects of changing materials or substituting suppliers
  • Allows you to make informed decisions and accurate recommendations to clients
  • Time saving routines minimise tedious and time consuming chores
  • Bids can be fine tuned to arrive at the best price
  • Easy to follow wizards guide you through each step, right through to creating an ‘alternative estimate’ with substituted materials that can be used immediately
  • Comparisons can be made across the whole estimate or just in selected sections
  • Material substitution tables can be stored and used whenever needed
  • Report generator provides full details of substituted items and comparative costs

Cost Modeller works seamlessly with Enterprise Estimating to allow each bid to fine tuned to arrive at the best price for the client and a sensible profit for you.



Cost Modeller

Make quick and simple 'what if' comparisons for material and supplier substitutions

For more information about Cost Modeller, you can request a demo or view features.