Trimble MEP 2020

As the market-leading developer of software for the building services industry, we are continually developing our software and 2020 is no exception.

Our range of software is designed specifically for the needs of Building Services Engineers and Contractors, specifically developed to save you time and money.

What's new to the Electrical Design suite in 2020:


The Circuit Management Feature
Delivering comprehensive circuit management within Revit

This latest major advancement of ProDesign 3D® delivers electrical consultants and contractors the tools required for rapid, accurate circuit routing and comprehensive circuit management within Revit®. 

 ProDesign 3D


Check out the Circuit Management Feature video

Circuit Routing Tools

Significantly reduce time spent routing circuits and sizing containment accordingly with intuitive manual and automatic circuit routing tools. Building upon the integrated ProDesign calculation services and BS 7671 compliant component databases, additional containment calculations also enable you to quickly and easily size containment and view utilized spare capacity. 

 ProDesign 3D

From default Revit cable routing to accurate, usable circuit data in seconds


Containment Permission

This new productivity tool now enables users to easily define the service type of each containment further supporting efficient, compliant routing of circuits, providing dedicated containment is adhered to even when auto-routing.

 ProDesign 3D


Scan For Changes

With projects always evolving, the new Scan for Changes feature affords users enhanced agility throughout the project lifecycle while helping to ensure design integrity. At the click of a button containment changes affecting any routed circuits, are available for management within the index-linked review window.

 ProDesign 3D

Scan for changes

Annotation Tags

This software update also enables designers to quickly and accurately display a wide range of crucial circuit and containment information through auto-populating, on-circuit annotations precisely where they’re needed. 

 ProDesign 3D


For more information about ProDesign 3D, you can request a demo or call us on 0800 028 28 28.


Summary of the updates made to ProDesign 2020

Included within this software and content update are a number of enhancements and bug fixes, including the following:

 Modular Board Improvement
 Improvement made to the UI and Report to correctly identify the CPC arrangement when cables are in Parallel
 The UPS connected & output Rated Current load is included in the UPS UI
 Stability of the Project Upgrade Process improved
 Update to Busbar Calculation for CPC casing
 Tapoff Function add to the UI and Reports
  Wiring system length updates
  Back-up Protection now includes more devices

A significant update has also been applied to FastTest. Notable highlights are as follows::

 Emergency Lighting Certificate and ELIT update - now including additional fields to the Facilities field to align with BS 5266-1
 Domestic Fire Certificate update - the domestic fire certificate user interface and Reports have been amended to align with BS 5839-6:2019
 Fire Certificate update - the fire certificate user interface has been amended to align with the latest fire regulation

For detailed descriptions of 2020 bug fixes and enhancements made see Release Notes.